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Blažena Humiliana Cerchi

mistik, harizmatik i pustinjak (1219-1246)
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Blažena Humiliana Cerchi


Blessed Humiliana Cerchi
(Umiliana de' Cerchi)

Feast Day – June 7

Humiliana was a descendant of the ancient noble family of the Cerchi, and was born in Florence in 1219. From her earliest childhood she was much given to all works of piety, and those who knew her were convinced that she was called for the service of God rather than for the world.

But her father, who had six daughters and twelve sons, and aimed through their alliances to increase the power and reputation of his house, promised Humiliana in marriage to a nobleman when she was but sixteen years old. The humble daughter submitted to the wish of her father and married the nobleman, who proved to be entirely unworthy of her. He was miserly and avaricious, and dealt harshly with his young wife. But she retaliated only with meekness, patience, and charity, seeking consolation with God and in works of charity towards her neighbor.

Her heroic virtues shone forth when her husband fell dangerously ill after five years of married life. She not only nursed him, in a spirit of sacrifice, until his death, but she ceded the entire family fortune to her husband’s relatives, with the single condition that they make restitution for all the injustices he had committed.

She then withdrew to her father’s house. But when he kept urging her to contract a second marriage, she left the house and family. She now received the habit of the Third Order, becoming the first Tertiary in Florence, and led an unusually austere life in her retirement. She never left her solitude except to visit the churches or to render services of charity to the poor and sick.